...Holt did not merely crowbar management theory into what we where doing. They directly related aspects of our behaviour in a way that we could identify with and learn from. The facilities and briefings where exceptional, the refreshments, lunch and surroundings faultless.
 Metropolitan Police, Leadership Academy. 
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who we are
... strategic

We invest in getting to know you and
identifying where you can improve your
organisation's performance.

We understand that there are no quick fixes. We invest in getting to know you and identifying where you can improve your team and organisation's performance - be it things that we, you or your people need to implement. We continue to support you and your team between and long after each interaction.

We work with stakeholders to understand their needs and tie development into those requirements meaning that line managers and department heads see these interventions as having a positive effect on their division.

Learning should be 20% delivery and 80% application. It is only through constantly reinforcing our learning that we develop the synapses that create true behavioral change. As such, we believe development should be seen as a project as opposed to a one-off event ensuring individuals understand the benefits of taking on developing their behaviors and then reinforcing that change. As such, we naturally adopt blended learning including where appropriate:

  • Use of 360° assessment systems, delegate, peer and line manager surveys, quantitative analysis and focus groups to bench mark and set the scene.
  • Corporate films & audio delivered through multi media, private broadcast and plenary sessions to add an emotional dimension through use of footage of customers and colleagues to make the need for change personal.
  • Our approach is biased towards experiential learning or "learning by doing". No amount of theories and models offer a substitute for real experience. We also know that people learn best when they make discoveries for themselves based on their own personal experience. Our experiential approach marries the most relevant and pragmatic theories and models with a large dose of trying them out in team activities and business simulation exercises. We have found that this provides real "lightbulb" moments for people and also helps to overcome the "what's this got to do with work" challenges. Our business simulation exercises are tailored to reflect a client's language, KPIs and structures so that it feels as close to home as it realistically can.
  • Case histories to show best practice in action (plus something to aspire to).
  • Facilitated sessions to help delegates shape their learning and discover solutions for themselves through interactive sessions.
  • Classroom sessions to help assimilate knowledge and include an intellectual dimension through introduction to theory.
  • Personal development plans to help deliver a truly personalized development experience providing goals and a tangible record of improvement.