...It is amazing how you can be consistently shown how blind you can become to the impact of your actions and interactions on others if you don't take the time to get out there.
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We can manage the process
from start to finish.

We can manage the process from start to finish whether it is internal communications and sign up, venue selection and management, or on-going reportage. We can handle as much or as little as you desire.

Each of The Holt's clients is assigned a dedicated account team composed of the individuals with the most relevant experience and expertise to work in a particular field, or on a specific project. The core team closely manages the project on a daily basis and liaises with the client to deliver an exceptional level of service.

Account Director
To direct the account within the agency and provide strategic support and development for the client and the account team.

Account Manager
To manage the account on a day to day basis and deal with communications, programme development, reporting and analysis.

A handpicked group of facilitators, trainers, coaches, programmers - we build a team who will deliver exactly: what, where, when and at the level you need it.

We are passionate about delivering a service and solution that is nothing less than excellent.